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California Home Loans Blog

Blogs help small businesses. I keep telling people this, and some of them listen. One person who did is my friend and long-time business associate Ken Go, who's California home loans business, 1st Innovative Finance Group, has been one of my clientelle sites for many years now. So, when Ken recently called and wanted to update his site with a new look, I suggested that he post some of those articles he's always writing about home loans and mortgages on a blog. Voila: Ken Go's California Home Loans Blog. Now a small business blog takes a little work from the client. I'm not a mortgage broker. I know enough about home loans to sign the papers for mine. I can't go posting articles with free mortgage advice. I can't create a Mortgage FAQ with basic information about home loans and mortgages. But that's not a problem, because Ken is a diligent worker, and he's been posting articles like crazy. After just a month, there's a ton of good information about home loans and mortgages on his California Home Loans Blog. If you'd like more information about how a blog can help your small business, check out my blogs for small businesses blog, or go to my SEO site to find out how you, too, can get higher search engine ranks.

Dana Spiotta

My sister-in-law, Dana Spiotta, is reveiving rave reviews of her new book, Eat the Document. So, we built her a little web site that features a biography and her book tour schedule. Dana wasn't particularly concerned about doing well on the search engines, but I figured we should at least make sure that she wins for her name.

southern California home equity loans

My old friend Ken Go, a southern California home equity loans specialist, runs his own Los Angeles mortgage company. For years we just ignored his little web site. But recently, we discovered that he was doing pretty well search engine ranking wise, so we decided to do what we had to to do better. Now Ken is posting his weekly newspaper articles on his southern California home loans blog, where you can read Ken's tips for just about everything you need to know about getting a home loan in southern California.

Blogs Help Search Engine Placement

A recent update by Google, called Jagger, has increased the status of sites that have fresh, frequently updated content. Does that sound familiar? Yes, Google is going to reward bloggers with some increased relevance in their algorythms. Awesome. Content wins again. But now you have to keep that content fresh and relevant. Plus, linking to sites from within the natural language posts -- not just link lists of keywords -- will count for more. This also makes sense for Google, since the links within posts are more likely to be logical continuations of whatever the subject of the post is. If you'd like to know more about the implications for search engine optimization under the new Google rules, check out my higher search engine ranking blog.

Higher Search Engine Ranks for your Website

Everybody wants their sites to get higher search engine ranks. Unfortunately, in this world of instant gratification, they want it yesterday and they don't want to pay for it.

This reminds me of a saying one of my IATSE union brothers had posted on the inside of his grip truck: Good, fast, cheap: pick two.

In the world of search engine optimization, if you go for fast and cheap, you will get bad. And bad means no search engine rankings. In fact, Google has a famous "sand box" where they put sites that try to trick them into giving them higher search engine ranks. It takes a long time to get out of the sandbox, and while you're in there, your site won't be found on google at all.

So, you need fast and good, or cheap and good. I do both. Fast isn't cheap, and cheap isn't fast. I can create an internet marketing plan for any small business budget. Monthly plans start at $50. But before I start on the monthly maintenance and link-building plan, I have to update your site, or perform "on-site optimization." Those fees can run into the thousands, depending on the size of your site, but even then, I can spread the payments out over 6 months or a year to minimize the pain.

In some cases, as happened with out new client, a Hawaii travel agent, the benefits of getting higher search engine ranks right away have helped pay for the monthly payments.

Contact us today for higher search engine ranks that you can afford!



Christian Questions for Christians answer Christian questions

Questions for Christians is where people, some of them Christians, answer Christian questions! Christian answers and questions categories include death, euthanasia, the death penalty, the environment, gun control, and more. Please leave comments with philosophical, and moral basis for your answers for Christians, and the rest of us, especially answers rooted in the Bible and Christian ethics. Christian answers to these moral questions are provided in the comments by the readers. So, everyone, Christian or not, please read and comment!

Can you spell Search Engine Optimization Specalist?

Sure, I knew you could.

I can spell specialist too. But during my research for which keywords I should actually use to try to find people who want higher search engine ranks, I discovered that a lot of people misspell specialist as "specalist."

That research can really pay off, and it's what sets a professional website optimization service apart from the amateurs. I listen to my clients when they tell me what keywords and phrases they want to win for, but when those terms turn out to have very few searches performed, I tell them so, and I, in my duties of search engine postition consulting, tell them what terms people actually search for.

As the sole proprietor of my search engine ranking company, I'm not just out to get my clients improved search engine ranks. I'm out to get them traffic, especially targeted traffic with high conversion rates. To do that, I study what people actually search for before optimizing their sites for the search engines.

I also consult with my clients about using those keywords in everything they do on the web, from ther Business Blogs to postings on boards that include their URLs, to E-mail. Once you've settled on keywords and phrases, they become part of the branding, and should appear everywhere the title of the web site or the name of the company does. In some cases, I even suggest they redesign their logos to include those key phrases.

Search engine optimization is, in other words, just part of an overall internet marketing strategy that uses all the tools of the net to make my clients money.

Scott Supak
Bald Mt. Press

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I have way too many web sites and blogs to keep track of. So I'm using bloglines now. This is a test to see how this site might work for my SEO clients who choose to use blogs to help their businesses. The fact that Pitas starts with a PageRank of 6 is a big plus, but the lack of WYSIWIG is a big minus, especially for people who are new to all this.

In order to make their sites get higher search engine ranks, I have encouraged my clients to use blogs. It's a good idea for most businesses anyway, because small business blogs help keep and retain customers. I have started a Blogs for Small Businesses program through which I will set up a blog, and edit entries once a week to make the blogs and entries beneficial to the SEO of the main site and the blog.

It's a symbiotic relationship between blog and web site that I've been using for years now and it works great! Your blog can help announce new sections of your site, new products, changes to existing pages and products, all the while linking in to the specific pages, using the keywords to link in!

Please, find out more about how to improve your search engine rank today!

Scott Supak

Creator of

Confused by how the internet search engines ranking works? Ranking higher search engines is really no secret. For the most part, you just need content, and lots of it. I've gotten higher search engine ranks by creating content on line since 1994, so I have a lot of it. I created my search engine marketing firm in 1996 and began performing search engine placement services for clients in Hawaii. Now I have search engine optimization clients all over the country.